Art Poster - drawing by Ola Juliussen

Art & thoughts by Ola Juliussen

We had a talk with our artist Ola Juliussen. Juliussen is a graduate from the The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen. Juliussen works is surreal and unique in its own way. The process is immediate with the sole purpose of creation in the moment of abstraction and letting that moment of the pen and thought be a part of what is. The drawings is the subject of Juliussens rich imagination and they often have wild sweeping lines, undulating curves, spiraling forms, along with surreal vivid three dimensional architectural constructions. 

Here is what we got...


Why do you draw/paint - make art - What is it that draws you?
As a child I was deeply captivated by watching my father when he was working with plans and design of buildings. He was an architect – these are the days when it was essential to know how to draw as an architect… My talent wouldn't be the same without him and the way he viewed the world. Through him I have developed my sensitivity as an artist. He introduced me to literature as well.

Drawing is fundamental for me when I'm thinking art. Art in itself does not affect me very much. To draw is to construct and discover things I didn't know existed. I am not trying to express immediate emotional impulses through my work, though an intuitive process often characterizes my drawings. I consider my drawings to reveal other unrecognized and twisted depths.


What projects are you currently working on?
I will continue to produce a couple of “long” abstract and architectural drawings. Furthermore, I’m planning to design and publish a little book with just one single poem, written by myself. It´s about a certain text I have created some years ago. The book will contain just a handwritten text, no images. It will be a very clarified, minimalistic, funny and universal book about a young boy and his naive but existential thoughts… It will be in Swedish, my mother tongue.


What is your main inspirations when creating your own artworks?
To be honest, I don´t get much inspirations from the visual art world at all. To me, contemporary art, in particular, seems to be most concerned with imitating and repeating aged approaches, attitudes and phrases. I prefer to look at and read about architecture from different centuries; especially traditional Chinese architecture has a great influence on me.

When I work I listen to music by Impressionist composers or to dub-techno – groovy rhythmic patterns and wicked bass drops, love it... I enjoy certain music when I´m drawing, keeps me moving from beginning till end… I would like to mention films by Jacques Tati too; I have loved him since I was a child. It´s a certain atmosphere in his movies that continues to fascinate me. His work is the quintessence of quality and class – satirical, elegant and intellectual with tremendous tenderness.


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What are your favorite art genres?
Music and architecture.

Which artists are on your radar right now and why?
Georges Delerue and Jean Constantin. I love film scores. The music in films like Jules et Jim and The 400 Blows is fantastic!

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Any particular art/books/series/movies you want to recommend?
The adventures of Tintin by Hergé.

Aside from painting, drawing and making illustrations, are there other things you’d like to do in your career?
No, I just want to continue to share my life with the woman I love and give our beautiful children all the love they deserve. Continue to be a very happy man is my plan in my career.

What’s the last art exhibition/artwork you went to see that you really enjoyed?
An art exhibition in Dublin, many, many years ago, with a series of 82 prints by Francisco Goya – The Disasters of War. Exceptionally and unbeatable artworks.


Top 3 favorite places in Copenhagen?
Glyptoteket, Eriks Bageri (Amagerbrogade) and Amager Strandpark.

Where are you going for your next holiday?
I don´t know yet. Would love to make a trip to Peru with my family.

What is you favorite candy?
Salty liquorice.


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